Safe, clean water for citizens that does not drown the council

Water consumption and water management is one of the most important issues of the near future. According to the Aquae Foundation, the demand for water will increase by 55% by 2050, while at the same time the energy supply is decreasing and becoming more expensive. This leads us to the conclusion that, in order to maintain the population and industry at an adequate standard of comfort, it is necessary to optimize the entire water cycle. If this is not done, the supply of water in conditions where citizens can afford to pay for it may be put at risk.

In parallel to the above, societies that better manage their water generation and consumption will have a competitive advantage over societies that have this resource at a higher price or that are not efficient in its management.

The project
aims to:

Reduce the energy consumption of your pumping systems by up to 50%.

Reduce your energy bill by means of Artificial Intelligence.

Make the pumping and purification of your water energy independent with renewable energies.

Consumption reduction

With the audit of the installed equipment:

Energy bill reduction

With the study of consumption:

Renewable energies

With the information of the whole system:

We generate a renewable installation that covers all or part of the system consumption.

We connect the renewable energy generation with the Artificial Intelligence management to match consumption, storage and pumping at the most advisable hours and the cost of external energy supply if so decided.

We generate projections to optimise the optimal pumping point, depending on different parameters, such as demand, storage and purification capacity, energy cost per hour, renewable energies that we integrate, etc...

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